We're in the process of getting direct downloads ready, for now you can follow the link below to download the latest nightly release of Ferdium from our GitHub Releases.

Once there click "Assets" and choose the version for your platform (check the FAQ if you are unsure which one to get)! We currently have releases for macOS, Windows, Linux (AppImage and DEB) and FreeBSD.

Using your OS's package manager

Alternatively, you can use the package manager of your OS to install Ferdium. Use one of the CLI commands below depending on your OS to install the latest binary release of Ferdium. Some package managers (like AUR) also allow you to build the source release yourself.

AUR (Arch Linux and derivatives)

yay -S ferdium-bin // or, to compile yourself yay -S ferdium


flatpak install flathub org.ferdium.Ferdium

Homebrew (macOS)

brew tap ferdium/ferdium brew install ferdium-nightly

Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add versions scoop install ferdium-nightly

Snap (Ubuntu linux and derivatives)

snap install --edge ferdium snap connect ferdium:camera snap connect ferdium:audio-record