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Add all your services in one place for quick and easy access and never search your tabs or bookmarks again!

The Ferdium app displaying web services as icons on a sidebar to the left.
A drawer menu has opened on the left side of the app revealing the option tho choose between workspaces


Only keep what is relevant in front of you or separate your work and private time by using workspaces!

...and much more!


Ferdium has a built in Todo panel that is available at any time and can be viewed in tandem with your other services.

Custom Services

Can't find the service you are looking for in Ferdium? Add your own custom service without any extra steps!

Anonymous Access

Ferdium can be used without an account without hassle and all your Ferdium app data stays with you.

Cloud Sync

Access your services and workspaces on all your computers with an account through Ferdium.

Save Resources

Ferdium will hibernate services to save resources to prevent computer slow downs.


Prevent notifications from showing information whilst still notifying you when needed.